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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
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Spanking Library
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Having problems getting registered or logged on to the site? Help is at hand, check below:

I've completed my registration but not heard back from you.

The majority of registrations are processed within a matter of minutes and almost all the rest within the day. Once your registration has been accepted you will be sent an activation email, so if you've not heard back from us it may be due to one of the following:

Duplicate submission:
Although our registration module will reject applications where the email provided is already in use by an existing member it does also check various other parameters and if it believes you have already registered on the site will reject the application. Only one account is permitted per user. If you've forgotten your password see below.

Bogus country information
Although the site is free to use we do like to know where the people that use it are located purely out of interest and we also show some statistics of where our users are from. If our registration module detects that bogus country information has been provided your application will be rejected.

Invalid email address
Once you have registered you will be sent an email which includes a link that you will need to click in order to activate your account. If you have provided a non-existant, disposable or invalid email address you will not be able to acivate your account. The email address you provided will never be shared with anyone else ever so you need have no worries whatsoever about being spammed as a result of providing it. You will notice that the site is totally devoid of any commercial advertisements and we hate spam just as much as you do.

Obfuscated ip address
We get a great many applications to register from spammers, a characteristic of which is to mask their ip address. The same is true for those trying to create multiple accounts on the site. Consequently, registrations where we believe a deliberate attempt has been made to hide ip address, such as VPNs, proxies etc, are likely to be rejected.

Over-zealous spam filter
If none of the above apply to your regisration but you still don't appear to have heard back from us then it's highly likely that our activation email has been mis-directed into your spam folder. There's nothing we can do about this so the first thing to do is carefully check your spam folder(s) to see if our email is there. Some ISPs block email even before it gets to you and also some people will have their spam filters set to delete potential spam. In this case you have no other option but to use the Contact Us facility to drop us a line and we will endeavour to email you back by some other means.

I'm successfully registered but can't login

Assuming you are entering you user name and password correctly then the cause of this is almost always due to web browser cookies. A cookie is a small piece of textual information that is written to your pc by a website and ours needs to write such a cookie in order to be able to know who you are. It's beyond the scope of this help text to explain how to set up your web browser so that it allows our site to read and write cookies but there is plenty of information available on how to do this available on the internet for your specific browser if you search via Google for example. If you want to check if your web browser is currently capable of reading and writing cookies to this site click the following link:

Cookie Test

I've forgotten my password and/or user name

Enter the email address you registered with and click the 'Submit' button.

I can't seem to access the stories

If you can't see how to access the stories then it's highly likely you are not logged in. We do not provide any indication of failed login but if you have successfully logged in then you should see your user name to the right of the news ticker info bar. In addition, the site menu should contain a number of additional items including Latest, Search, Help, Favs, Stats, Members, Activity, Forum and Select Author. Requesting your login details as described above is recommended.

The stories don't display correctly

The Library of Spanking Fiction website has been written and designed to work with standards complaint web browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari) with javascript enabled. The site may operate with non-compliant browsers such as Internet Explorer but they are not recommended. The site may also operate correctly with mobile phone browsers but they are not officially supported, nor can we offer any help to users who are having problems with them.

Other problems

If you're having problems which are not fixed by any of the above information, you're using a standards compliant browser such as Firefox, Chrome etc, and you have javascript enabled then it's possible your problem is being caused by other software installed on your computer which is interfering in some way with normal web browser operation. Some possibilities include firewalls, anti-virus software, anti-malware software and a variety of web browser add-ons. Try temporarily disabling these packages and see if that fixes the problem. If so, then at least you will have determined where the problem lies and will then need to re-configure the settings of the offending software.

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