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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
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Latest Acquisitions
  • The Cliff-Top Walk

    The Cliff-Top Walk

    story by BashfulBob

    Louise and Jim meet Barry and Carol on vacation. When Carol proposes a cliff-top walk, only Jim has any interest, so the two go off together. After some teasing, Carol ends up bare-assed over Jim's knee, getting the spanking she craves.

    Validated by RosieRad
  • Flashing Her School Knickers

    Flashing Her School Knickers

    story by Gloup

    Kailee has a crush on Laurence, so she devises a plan to catch his attention by hiking up her uniform skirt and flashing her panties. Unfortunately, her plan backfires when the Headmaster sees what was intended for Laurence. He is not pleased at all - and makes good use of his yardstick on Kailee's bottom.

    Validated by Janine
  • Bob Introduces Helen To The Switch

    Bob Introduces Helen To The Switch

    story by mj2001

    Helen Edwards, a recently widowed mom, cannot bring herself to spank her two young daughters and enlists the help of her older, widower neighbor, Bob Brody. Soon Bob turns his attention to Helen's bottom and things get heated from there.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • You Don't Even Spank Me Anymore

    You Don't Even Spank Me Anymore

    story by Elorac

    The narrator can't understand what has changed between her and her lover. She longs to be spanked again by him and regain the intimacy they once shared. When she resolves to speak with him about it, things finally become clearer to her.

    Validated by Janine
  • Church Of The Family

    Church Of The Family

    story by novak

    Reverend Williams has a specific way of dealing with children who misbehave during his very long sermons. In fact, it's not only the children who are called to account.

    Validated by Elorac
  • My Aunt Lends A Hand (And A Hairbrush)

    My Aunt Lends A Hand (And A Hairbrush)

    story by mj2001

    A little boy who behaves badly in front of his Aunt is shown exactly how she deals with his cousins.

    Validated by Elorac
  • Punisher - Part 2

    Punisher - Part 2

    story by Elorac

    The one known as 'Punisher' had visited the village without fail for a century. But this is to be his last visit, as he experiences a new sensation - love. Before Freya can decide if she'll put her future in his hands, she must be punished yet again.

    Validated by Dave
  • The VIvian 3000 - Part 5

    The VIvian 3000 - Part 5

    serial by AustCarr

    Samantha returns the following evening to make further modifications to VIvian and things take quite a turn for her and James.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • A Date Night Suggestion

    A Date Night Suggestion

    story by AustCarr

    A night out at a show with a 'Hot Hypnotist' has some surprising results for a young married couple.

    Validated by Elorac
  • Just Another Day At The Office... - Part 10

    Just Another Day At The Office... - Part 10

    serial by Tiredny

    Robert decides to bring Angela into his household to take responsibility for the garden, having Ruth under her authority. Angela's move to his house is arranged and Carolyn explains how important it is to keep Margaret happy. Margaret is already punishing Ruth as Carolyn and Angela arrive home and Angela soon finds out what a spanking from Margaret feels like.

    Validated by Elorac
  • Alice And Diane Get The Strap

    Alice And Diane Get The Strap

    story by kyle1248

    Diane and Alice share much more than a house, and when Diane offers to take Alice home for a family party, they decide to confess their relationship to her parents.

    Validated by Elorac
  • Before And After

    Before And After

    story by antnyjc3

    A teenage boy describes all aspects of getting a paddling from his parents from the lead up to the aftermath.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • The Trouble With Lucy

    The Trouble With Lucy

    story by Lisa Berry

    Lucy, a young school girl, just cannot be bothered with doing her homework and her bottom pays a price for it.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • Mysteries In A Mother's Love

    Mysteries In A Mother's Love

    story by philoctetes

    Billy recalls life with his mom when he was 11 years old, with all her rules and the consequences for breaking them. He considered himself to be 'cool', especially in front of his new friend, but sadly, when they both get in trouble with their moms, their bravado only goes so far.

    Validated by Elorac
  • Penny Needs A Spanker

    Penny Needs A Spanker

    story by Hedgeh0g

    Penny is seriously distracted and spending far too much time on her favourite spanking sites, so much so, that her work is suffering from her lack of concentration. When management becomes aware of her failure and she upsets a customer with a sarcastic email, things must change and she may well get her dearest wish, to be spanked and scolded.

    Validated by Elorac
  • Not So Little Anymore

    Not So Little Anymore

    story by Vinsanity

    Vincent takes his dad to visit an honorary uncle on his farm and is reunited with his daughter Mabel. She is 2 years younger and was a constant source of annoyance whenever he visited, so much so that Uncle Charlie had given him permission to spank her. What would happen now?

    Validated by Elorac
  • My School Career - Part 4

    My School Career - Part 4

    serial by Lisa Berry

    Susan and Elaine are caned following a failed attempt to deceive Miss Dixon. Months later, the threat of a smacked bottom from Miss Dixon cheers Susan up after losing a tennis match. The friends are treated to the sight of coach Trueman spanking two older girls who fought on court.

    Validated by Dave
  • Beaten At The Barre

    Beaten At The Barre

    story by mj2001

    Madame Samarova schools senior ballet students to the tune of her yardstick.

    Validated by Dave
  • Anticipation


    story by Rosie Radcliffe

    She is bound to an X-frame, awaiting the sting of his whip and he teases, making her wait for what she craves.

    Validated by Elorac
  • Life Changes - Part 1

    Life Changes - Part 1

    story by Shono

    Angie is excited that Dr Amparo is giving a lecture, she is the sister of one of Jen's professors and they get a chance to sit with them for lunch. Impressed with Angie's enthusiasm, Dr Amparo has a proposition for her. Invited to dinner at the Abbott house, the conversation turns to discipline.

    Validated by Elorac
  • A Visit To Miss Chadwick - Part 3

    A Visit To Miss Chadwick - Part 3

    serial by Saturninus

    Gordon's life goes on, a visit to Miss Chadwick means another trip over her knee as she finds out he didn't give the letter straight to his stepmom. He is given a challenge by Jen to achieve something new each week, for which there are rewards, but also penalties.

    Validated by Elorac
  • An African Education - Part 1

    An African Education - Part 1

    story by Tim Bowie

    Miranda leaves home in Britain to accept a governess position in Africa. She soon learns how different the culture is when she must enroll two days a week at a local school. Under the leadership of the very dominating Headmistress, the school's focus on corporal punishment is shocking - and painful - for the young woman.

    Validated by Janine
  • The Caned At School Forum - Part 1

    The Caned At School Forum - Part 1

    story by Hotspur

    A forum post that recounts a youth's humiliation as he's disciplined in front of fellow students leads, many years later, to a reunion.

    Validated by Dave
  • Trading Places - Part 2

    Trading Places - Part 2

    serial by Overlap

    Brandon thinks about the severe thrashing he received from his stepmother - and concludes that the thrill and excitement of the experience both beforehand and after had been worth the intense pain during the punishment. Another opportunity arises where Brandon takes the blame for something his stepsister does, and once again his stepmother uses her fierce Jokari paddle on him.

    Validated by Janine
  • It Wasn't Cheating

    It Wasn't Cheating

    story by AustCarr

    Cole's wife won't try spanking him, so he eventually decides to visit The Chateau, all the while trying to convince himself that it's not like he's cheating on her. The experience doesn't live up to his expectations, and does nothing to mitigate the tensions between Cole and his wife.

    Validated by RosieRad
  • Will You Marry Me?

    Will You Marry Me?

    story by Neil

    She's suspicious of the spanking implements she finds around his home and garden, but he always has a "good" explanation. After repeated marriage proposals, she takes him by surprise and gives him a taste of one of his many split straps.

    Validated by RosieRad
  • Crash Bang Wallop

    Crash Bang Wallop

    story by Samslipper

    Stephen has to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting a little girl crossing the street between cars. The little girl's mum, Sally, is annoyed with him for what she sees as careless driving. It then comes to light that Steven and Sally may have complementary spanking fantasies, which the near miss provides a reason to enact.

    Validated by RosieRad
  • On The Hour, Every Hour

    On The Hour, Every Hour

    story by Elorac

    Though usually well-behaved, Josie's breech of conduct in leading friends astray is so severe that her father spanks her not once, but 10 times. Made to report for spankings at the top of each hour, the 16-year-old learns a hard lesson as she suffers public embarrassment to accompany her sore bottom.

    Validated by Dave
  • Big Bad Wolf's Big Bad Birch

    Big Bad Wolf's Big Bad Birch

    story by mj2001

    A capricious new twist on an old fairy tale.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • The Historical Position - Part 2

    The Historical Position - Part 2

    serial by imreadonly2

    Jennifer finds herself lost in the spell of the whipping pants. Later, when confronted by the judges, her own Facebook account is used as evidence of her delinquency. Her long-awaited introduction to #4 may be a whipping, but as a law professor, she will present her argument.

    Validated by Dave
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