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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
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  • A Proxy Spanking

    A Proxy Spanking

    story by Cal33

    Dale delivers groceries to Alan and is asked to act as a go-between between him and his neighbour's wife. He willingly does this but is not prepared for additional duties. Nevertheless the story ends happily.

    Validated by Lincoln
  • The Bluff - Part 2

    The Bluff - Part 2

    story by Peter242

    Despite her spankings and canings Zoe's behaviour has not improved and today Mrs Jenkins calls on her and canes her severely. However mum Claire doesn't escape punishment either for being late. After Zoe is sent away to meet Sara, Claire and Mrs Jenkins reveal their hidden agenda.

    Validated by Lincoln
  • Deadly Sins

    Deadly Sins

    story by DJ Black

    Jenny, unhappy since college with the course her life is taking, seeks the source of her friend Claire's satisfaction. She trades cheap rent and nice surroundings for adherence to rules and consequences for breaking them.

    Validated by Dave
  • The Bluff - Part 1

    The Bluff - Part 1

    story by Peter242

    Sara and Zoe are playing a spanking game together. Their mums decide they should experience the real thing to deter them playing it in future. However the cunning girls have engineered their spankings for a reason but once the subterfuge has been discovered their bottoms pay a heavy price.

    Validated by Lincoln
  • The University Spanking Club - Part 3

    The University Spanking Club - Part 3

    serial by Rebel T

    Julie approaches Amy and asks if she will spank her and Rebecca, who is less sure she's ready for this. Before that can happen, they line up outside the "principal's office" with three others for a paddling.

    Validated by Dave
  • Paladin's Confessor

    Paladin's Confessor

    story by Lawrence Kinden

    This tale of confession paints a vivid picture of a warrior, the monk assigned to relieve his burden, and the pain and pleasure that ensues.

    Validated by Dave
  • Green Eggs And Vanilla

    Green Eggs And Vanilla

    poem by opb

    A parody of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss.

    Validated by flopsybunny
  • Opposing Viewpoints

    Opposing Viewpoints

    snippet by Lawrence Kinden

    Two mums argue over the correct time to spank. Meanwhile their two sons withdraw as they have their own agenda!

    Validated by Lincoln
  • The Lord Of The Dance

    The Lord Of The Dance

    story by DJ Black

    She had knowingly disobeyed his instructions not to go out. When she returns he is waiting with the instruments of punishment.

    Validated by Lincoln
  • The Accidental Flasher

    The Accidental Flasher

    story by BashfulBob

    Jason, a would-be press photographer, is himself snapped by two women when relieving himself in some woodland. The two threaten to report him to the police unless he accepts a switching. He does, but are his troubles at an end?

    Validated by Lincoln
  • Marissa Knows Best

    Marissa Knows Best

    story by Bendover

    Recently widowed Ellen is heartbroken till she meets Anson, a chef. They marry and all is well till they fall out over Ellen's cooking. It takes daughter Melissa to deal with Ellen as her late dad would have done.

    Validated by Lincoln
  • The Genie - Part 10

    The Genie - Part 10

    serial by Jack Crawford

    Roger wishes to lift the curse from Jeanie but can only do this if Gladys agrees to accept severe punishment from Saladin's wizard, which she is happy to do, although her ordeal is frightful. The curse is lifted and Roger and Jeanie live happily for ever after. All the characters who appeared in this story have their lives changed for ever.

    Validated by Lincoln
  • The Sinclair Method - Part 1

    The Sinclair Method - Part 1

    serial by DJ Black

    Alice Bowman, a mentor with the Sinclair Method, is escorting four young ladies to Seattle on a Greyhound bus. Two have signed up for the strict program voluntarily, but the other two have been referred as delinquents. Jenny, the youngest, does not want to go, acts out, and has to be spanked during the trip.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • The Sinclair Method - Part 2

    The Sinclair Method - Part 2

    serial by DJ Black

    Alice and her charges arrive at their destination. Janet, one of the delinquent girls, tests Alice and earns herself a sound spanking. She does not take it well, fighting and cursing, so Alice interrupts the spanking to wash her mouth out with soap.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Mark Hunter: Detention - Part 2

    Mark Hunter: Detention - Part 2

    story by Louise Vancisic

    Cindy had lied to her mother Marilyn and now had to face the consequences. Marilyn asked Mr Hunter to go out and cut some switches. When he came back Marilyn applied the switch to Cindy's pantied bottom as Mr Hunter and her sister Patty watched.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Janine And Teddy

    Janine And Teddy

    story by Bendover

    Janine was looking after 5 year old Benny while his mother Terri was out of town. At breakfast Benny spilt a cup of milk over his teddy bear and then tried to blame it on the bear. Janine told him he was fibbing and then spanked him for doing it, but cuddled him after.

    Validated by dundee47
  • The Trip Out Of Class

    The Trip Out Of Class

    story by Bendover

    Robert was arguing with Dwayne in class when he told him to piss off. Unfortunately his teacher Miss Colflesch heard him and took him out of the class to a store room where she used a wooden ruler on his bare bottom witnessed by Miss Mason the female janitor.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Zoey And The Very Long Day

    Zoey And The Very Long Day

    story by Legion300

    Zoey had fallen asleep while getting dressed so her mother spanked her awake. Late retting ready for church Zoey looked for her owl earrings so her mother used a hairbrush on her bottom. After church in the supermarket Zoey wandered off so her mother spanked her in one of the aisles. Finally at home, her mother put her across her knee and gave her her final spanking of the day.

    Validated by dundee47
  • The Innocent Wife

    The Innocent Wife

    story by ReginaVictory

    Amelia married Henry Pemberton when she was just within the legal age to marry. She was completely innocent of what was expected of a wife so after Henry caned her one night Mrs Munroe explained to her what was expected.

    Validated by dundee47
  • The Woman Of The Hills - Part 3

    The Woman Of The Hills - Part 3

    serial by flopsybunny

    The Woman of the Hills takes George to a secret chamber beneath her dwelling. There, she shows him visions of the past and his beloved ex-wife, Anna. There is hope for the future if George makes the right decision...

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Spanking Selina

    Spanking Selina

    story by flopsybunny

    18-year-old Selina is out of control. She has quit her job, been rude to her mother, and left home. When her older brother and his roommate offer her a job as their live-in housekeeper, Selina thinks her problems are solved. But she signs the contract without reading its terms and gets quite a shock.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Shrewd Treatment

    Shrewd Treatment

    story by Phil K

    Helena had been very rude to her dresser Jemma but had been overheard by Stephen, the director of Taming of the Shrew. Stephen came to her dressing room at the end of the play and took her over his knee and spanked her long and hard before bedding her.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Stuck And Struck

    Stuck And Struck

    story by Katie B

    Molly and Jim were having a major argument when he decided to head for the Mall insisting that Molly came with him. In the Mall car park, Jim trapped Molly's head in the electric window, and taking a paddle from the boot, pulled her sweat pants down and paddled her bare bottom.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Learning To Forgive Yourself - Part 2

    Learning To Forgive Yourself - Part 2

    story by ernalones

    Fresh from spanking Jennie and her mother Jean, Frank goes to the school to meet Jennie, but gets there early. He goes into see the Principal Annabelle and tells her about spanking Jennie. As he leaves she asks him if he only spanks schoolgirls. Later that evening Annabelle finds out.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Westsylvanian Justice - Part 1

    Westsylvanian Justice - Part 1

    serial by Ryan Rowland

    In the mythical country of Westsylvania, corporal punishment is part of the culture. Samantha Moore is wrongfully convicted of stealing an expensive bracelet and sentenced to three years in the correctional facility, including one corporal punishment per month. On her first day there, she receives a strapping by the young warden, Michael Bryson.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Westsylvanian Justice - Part 2

    Westsylvanian Justice - Part 2

    serial by Ryan Rowland

    As part of her sentence, Samantha is assigned two dirty jobs. She gets through the day by fantasizing about the handsome warden. After her second punishment session, she bravely informs him that some of the female officers are abusing other inmates, particularly her friend Julie. But Samantha is disappointed by his response.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Westsylvanian Justice - Part 3

    Westsylvanian Justice - Part 3

    serial by Ryan Rowland

    The most abusive guards are arrested. Four others, who had a minor role in the abuse, are fired and then caned while the inmates watch. Michael finds a way to speak with Samantha privately and tells her that he now believes she is innocent. Her third punishment session seems different somehow...

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Westsylvanian Justice - Part 4

    Westsylvanian Justice - Part 4

    serial by Ryan Rowland

    The end of Samantha's first year in prison is approaching and, along with it, her chance for parole. At the last moment, Samantha does something rash that could jeopardize her release. She is taken to the warden's office for a punishment and a frank discussion of her future.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • When You Come To A Fork In The Road...

    When You Come To A Fork In The Road...

    story by Raptor

    The author falls in love with an Eastern European waitress, and they marry. Only after they are married does he realise that Natalia has certain needs which he is only too happy to supply.

    Validated by Lincoln
  • Ad Astra - Part 7

    Ad Astra - Part 7

    serial by DJ Black

    Something's bothering Dale, and Gail - trying to be a friend - ends up taking a spanking from her. This works well for both, but despite further pleasures Dale's focus returns to darker matters.

    Validated by Dave
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