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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
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  • A Cranky Christmas Eve

    A Cranky Christmas Eve

    story by Rachel Redbum

    Rachel had been invited to Cindy's for a Christmas party but was in a bad mood when she arrived. After several warnings about her behaviour Cindy took her upstairs, lowered her jeans and panties and gave her, her first spanking for 27 years.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Ironing Out An Issue

    Ironing Out An Issue

    story by Louise Vancisic

    Single-mom Maureen must deal with her teenager daughter Alison after an ironing mishap. After Alison burns her mother's expensive blouse while daydreaming, she must go over her mother's lap to learn her lesson.

    Validated by Janine
  • Any Other Saturday

    Any Other Saturday

    story by DJ Black

    On a Saturday... Charlie seeks out the tutoring services of Roland Archer, despite his severe reputation for discipline; and Donna must submit and endure a severe spanking at the hands of her housemother, Mrs. Main.

    Validated by Janine
  • The Paddling Algebra Teacher - Part 5

    The Paddling Algebra Teacher - Part 5

    serial by Cherry Red

    Marilyn Semones had been a teacher for 15 years. On arriving in class she put a stop to the nonsense going on and settled them down to do maths problems. As they worked, she remembered the first time she had paddled one of her pupils and how she had paddled one of her current pupils recently.

    Validated by dundee47
  • The Spank Shop 50: This Is Your Life

    The Spank Shop 50: This Is Your Life

    story by Seegee

    At a surprise gathering marking the shop's first anniversary, Andrea offers herself - and members of the staff - to assembled guests who may take the paddle and apply one swat to the bottom of their choice.

    Validated by Dave
  • A Catalytic Caning - Part 3

    A Catalytic Caning - Part 3

    serial by Jimisim

    Jackie joins a group of women for lunch and then spends time back at the house to swim and relax. She is told how the alumni group came up with their caning fundraising idea. Jackie finds herself attracted to Phillipa, and that afternoon some spanking and playfulness ensues.

    Validated by Janine
  • Not Too Old! - Part 5

    Not Too Old! - Part 5

    serial by Elorac

    After Gemma's spanking from Todd, they return home to have the most passionate sex of their relationship. The next day, Gemma meets her sister Louise for lunch to tell her all about what happened: before, during and after the spanking. Louise is in shock then worries that their parents will tell Louise's boyfriend Richard to spank her.

    Validated by Janine
  • Not Too Old! - Part 6

    Not Too Old! - Part 6

    serial by Elorac

    When Louise finds out her parents have invited her and Richard over that very night, she confesses to him about her parents' spanking arrangement. He is more than happy at the prospect of spanking Louise for her bratty behavior, and she submits to him. But she requests that he spank her at home, before they visit her parents.

    Validated by Janine
  • A New Way Of Being Dealt With - Part 2

    A New Way Of Being Dealt With - Part 2

    serial by Kim

    After 20 years of marriage, Helen reveals a secret to husband Kim. Before play resumes, Helen tells Michelle that she deserves real punishment.

    Validated by Dave
  • Not Too Old! - Part 7

    Not Too Old! - Part 7

    serial by Elorac

    Kate throws a tantrum at work then slaps her boss, before being sent home in disgrace. Her husband Joe is out of town on business, but Kate confesses to him on the phone and both realize she needs straightening out before a disciplinary meeting at work the next day. Their son-in-law Richard comes over that evening to give Kate the humiliating strapping and caning she needs and deserves.

    Validated by Janine
  • The Petite And Delightful Haya - Part 2

    The Petite And Delightful Haya - Part 2

    serial by Kim

    Haya's inaugural spanking is delayed when Kim is called away on a business trip. She uses the time apart to plan her much-desired punishment in detail.

    Validated by Dave
  • The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 01

    The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 01

    serial by Lisa Berry

    John and Eileen move into their new household, with John appointed school housemaster. When EIleen sees her husband cane two boys for fighting, it leads to spanking for pleasure that night.

    Validated by Dave
  • Window Shopping

    Window Shopping

    story by Kia

    Leah is drawn to a window display and enters the shop to satisfy her curiosity. When she finds the collection of canes, she is startled by the owner and knocks over the display. Rather than apologize, she responds in anger to hide her embarrassment. The shop owner believes she would benefit from the proper application of the cane and wastes no time in delivering its "educational" benefits.

    Validated by Janine
  • Crime & Consequence

    Crime & Consequence

    story by ReginaVictory

    Linda reflects back to the time she was punished by the headmaster, Mr. Jenkins, in his office. The experience is a memorable one which affects her, even many years later.

    Validated by Janine
  • Humbug


    story by Kia

    Kristen is grumpy as she's removing the outside Christmas lights in the cold, and is none too appreciative or kind to her thoughtful husband Josh. A switching in the kitchen warms things up and reminds Kristen to behave herself.

    Validated by Janine
  • Much To Learn - Part 02

    Much To Learn - Part 02

    serial by Kia

    Sarah receives an email from HIM, and her punishment date is set for Friday night. She's excited as she reads his specific instructions about what to wear and how the encounter will proceed. She savors every detail in anticipation of The Encounter.

    Validated by Janine
  • The Fair

    The Fair

    story by Arthur James Blimp

    Miss Evans, housemistress at St. Edwards, strictly adheres to rules and punishments for the boys in her charge. When the students are forbidden from leaving school grounds to attend a local Fair, it is only a matter of time until she and Miss Kennedy must cane those who break the rules.

    Validated by Janine
  • Men Of Harlow

    Men Of Harlow

    song by barretthunter

    A parody of the Welsh battle hymn "Men of Harlech" but with a spanking theme.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Pull Her Knicks Down

    Pull Her Knicks Down

    song by opb

    A parody of the song "Teenage Kicks" by the Undertones but with a spanking theme.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Burma, 1926

    Burma, 1926

    story by kyle1248

    Mixed feelings emerge in this reminiscence. The narrator is pressured to punish the maid, and agrees with a limit of 12 belt-driven lashes. After a future minor household accident, she makes it clear she feels punishment is deserved and desired.

    Validated by Dave
  • Family Values - Part 2

    Family Values - Part 2

    serial by Peter242

    Dominant Melanie disciplines her daughter and son-in-law with hairbrush and cane. Despite the severity, the family finds ongoing pleasure in the pain.

    Validated by Dave
  • Correction In The Countryside - Part 3

    Correction In The Countryside - Part 3

    serial by Louise Vancisic

    Anne is framed by Bertram and the servant girl will receive a dose of the martinet. But Lady Eleanor is busy, and instructs her children to carry out the whipping.

    Validated by Dave
  • The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 02

    The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 02

    serial by Lisa Berry

    Over breakfast in the hall, Eileen and Lydia get to talking and they're quickly comfortable. When Eileen tells how she once charged to discipline clients, Lydia's interest is piqued.

    Validated by Dave
  • The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 03

    The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 03

    serial by Lisa Berry

    A visit to Littleburn Castle affords Eileen the opportunity to spank two women. Eileen herself gets a taste of the cane.

    Validated by Dave
  • Heart Attack Grill

    Heart Attack Grill

    story by billboard

    Casey and her work colleagues attend a conference in Las Vegas. When a big editor likes her presentation and wants to talk to her, he invites Casey and her co-workers to dinner at the Heart Attack Grill. Along with the artery-clogging menu comes paddlings for customers who can't finish their food. Carlton, another manager, notices Casey's strange reaction to the idea of a spanking, and has some ideas of his own about the matter.

    Validated by Janine
  • The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 04

    The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 04

    serial by Lisa Berry

    Lydia, though she's used the cane to discipline many students, learns for herself how much a caning hurts. Following a movie, Eileen and Lydia stop for fish and chips. John has consequences in mind when Eileen arrives home late.

    Validated by Dave
  • The Longford Girls - Part 1

    The Longford Girls - Part 1

    serial by Lupercal

    After repeated reckless and delinquent behavior, 18-year-old Jennifer Hatfield is sentenced to punishment from Dr. Burgess, Principal of Longford High. Dr Burgess arrives at the young woman's home to discuss the impending 'thrashing' with her mother Thelma before the punishment begins.

    Validated by Janine
  • Conversation


    story by Susan Thomas

    Out for a walk on the moors Jacob asked Sarah to marry him. Sarah hesitated but under his questioning she admitted that she was scared of being spanked by him. She confessed to having broken curfew three years previously and he decided that she should be spanked for that.

    Validated by dundee47
  • That's Amore

    That's Amore

    story by Neil

    Edward was having a problem getting an erection and his wife was getting frustrated so one evening she smacked him with a wooden spoon twice and noticed he got a bulge in his trousers. She made him take them off followed by his pants and then pulled him across her knee and spanked him. He had a huge erection after the spanking and Amanda quickly put it to good use.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Watchfire


    story by Kia

    Kara had always wanted to be a watcher and as soon as she was old enough she asked the priest, Baru if she could be one. After working for the temple on several freedays she was finally appointed a a watcher but fell asleep on her first night tending the bonfire. Baru found her asleep and sent her into the forest to cut switches.

    Validated by dundee47
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