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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
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  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot

    story by Lawrence Kinden

    She struggles and resists as he spanks her hard. Despite her tears, it's what she wants, and they both enjoy what follows the spanking.

    Validated by Janine
  • The Sinclair Method - Part 08

    The Sinclair Method - Part 08

    serial by DJ Black

    Mary is still trying to request her spanking to Alice's satisfaction, but it is difficult for her to say the words. When she returns for what she thinks is her last chance, determined to please Alice by asking properly, she is surprised to find Katherine in the room.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Harry's 40 Years Birthday Treat

    Harry's 40 Years Birthday Treat

    story by ernalones

    When Harry arrives home from work on his birthday, his wife instructs him to strip naked for a special birthday treat, which turns out to involve three lovely yong ladies bearing spanking implements.

    Validated by jefesse
  • Reflections


    story by BashfulBob

    A single mom is visited regularly by a disciplinarian while her daughter is at school. This is the description of their typical sessions and their relationship, told from both viewpoints.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 5

    Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 5

    serial by Elorac

    Lyssa still struggles to obey and respect Master Jay's authority. When Jenny's father drags her away from the orphanage, Lyssa follows in order to rescue the girl. When she asks a man for help, he recognizes Lyssa as one of Jay's charges and restrains her. When Jay finally arrives, there is punishment to face for such disobedience. She is spanked by the other man then severely switched by Master Jay.

    Validated by Janine
  • Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece

    Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece

    story by Cal33

    Poor Leonardo is trying his best to finish the commissioned painting, but his subject, Mona Lisa, is not the best model. During one of her many interruptions, a commotion outside gives him an idea for something that should help her sit still.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Now I Understand

    Now I Understand

    story by captdeck11

    The narrator remembers discipline in her home, especially those involving her adopted sister, Tanya. After she grows up, her mom finally explains the ‘reward' spanks she got after she helped her mom with Tanya's punishments.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • The Public Caning Of Abigail Hunter

    The Public Caning Of Abigail Hunter

    story by Imogen Hart

    Abigail Hunter, stellar student and (ex) Head Girl, has been sentenced to a severe and humiliating school punishment. But Amanda, Donna and Stephanie, in fact, are the guilty ones who have framed Abigail. They look on during the public assembly where Abigail will receive nine strokes of the senior cane from the Headmaster. Will justice be served?

    Validated by Janine
  • "Spank Me Baby"

    story by Phil K

    In this lost chapter to Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", dissatisfied Bernard and pneumatic Lenina discover the joy of chastisement.

    Validated by jefesse
  • Game, Set, Match

    Game, Set, Match

    story by OTK in CT

    The junior and senior members of Alpha Chi Omega conduct a contest at the sorority house. Divided into two teams, each of the sophomore girls spanks one of the freshmen with a ping pong paddle to see which team can get their spankees' bottoms reddest. A special penalty involving wooden paddles awaits the losing team.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Little Ruthie

    Little Ruthie

    excerpt by Chloe Carpenter

    Tom can't shake thoughts of young Ruth following a chance encounter. She does not explain why she's crying beyond "just upset." It's not to be a one-time meeting in this unfolding tale of ageplay romance.

    Validated by Dave
  • Spank Me Karen

    Spank Me Karen

    story by Seegee

    The high school musical this year is 'Kiss Me, Kate' with the leading roles going to Hudson and his girlfriend, Karen. They are a little nervous about the spanking scene, so Karen's sister, Diana, offers to help. Diana is something of a self-proclaimed expert, having spanked and been spanked as a member of her college sorority. During a series of meetings, she teaches them all about spanking from every perspective.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 6

    Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 6

    serial by Elorac

    Master Jay informs Lyssa that she will receive her four punishments at the same time later that evening. She worries, but he promises her she will be able to bear it. He blindfolds Lyssa then introduces her to the erotic, pleasurable side of spanking.

    Validated by Janine
  • Shopping


    story by Jimm

    His disciplinarian wants a new paddle to ‘spice things up,' so they go to a specialty shop and select two very different paddles. She tries out the new purchases as soon as they get back to her apartment. They work very well... but the trusty old hairbrush hasn't been replaced.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Another Chance Ranch

    Another Chance Ranch

    story by Leigh Smith

    Billy Campbell, a reclusive online game creator, has moved to a large property in Oregon where he can get away from everyone and everything. But then he meets Sally Jeffers, his friendly neighbor and the owner of Another Chance, a sanctuary for abandoned horses. Billy is drawn to Sally and starts to spend time at her ranch. Sally works wonders with the horses, and both she and the horses work wonders for Billy.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 7

    Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 7

    serial by Elorac

    Lyssa's final day is hard when she visits the orphanage to say goodbye to the children. After she returns with Master Jay, she must face her final punishment: 12 strokes of the cane. Jay brings Lyssa back to the Court and the Judge is impressed by her transformation. Lyssa and Master Jay both struggle with their feelings about not seeing each other anymore. But Princess Alicia has a plan!

    Validated by Janine
  • The Baron's Daughter - Part 2

    The Baron's Daughter - Part 2

    serial by Aurora

    Isabella was to audition in front of Mozart but a couple of days before the audition Berthold bent her over the desk, removed her drawers and soundly smacked her bare bottom before having sex with her. The audition did not go as well as planned and Berthold told Isabella she was due a thrashing.

    Validated by dundee47
  • ...And It Was Late In The Evening

    ...And It Was Late In The Evening

    story by Margaret Jane

    She was home alone. He was away at a conference so she called him. He called back and told her story about him spanking Alice, Belinda and Carol. As she listened she could picture the scene in her mind. She played with herself reaching a stunning climax at the end of the story.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 8

    Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 8

    serial by Elorac

    ‘Lyssa' returns to the orphanage and tells Nell and Jay she wishes to help support renovation work. She still won't reveal her true identity; but they find themselves invited to a Royal Gala introducing the Princess. They are shocked by the revelation, and Jay leaves in anger, feeling deceived by Alicia. The Queen has a plan though and soon hires Master Jay to be her daughter's personal Disciplinarian. After witnessing him spanking Alicia and...

    Validated by Janine
  • Little Lizbet

    Little Lizbet

    excerpt by Chloe Carpenter

    Lizbet meets Daniel when he comes to her rescue, with a man harassing her at Club Excess. Daniel puts her at ease and their talk evolves from why she's at the club to the meaning of ageplay. The concept has immediate appeal for Lizbet.

    Validated by Dave
  • Join The Circus

    Join The Circus

    story by Aurora

    On stage, she appears to be the assistant. But she's more than an assistant to her older gentleman, more than a partner. Her bottom drives the show.

    Validated by Dave
  • Paige's Black Friday

    Paige's Black Friday

    story by Chip Wilson

    Paige is new at the Christian school. She is a good student, but her science teacher has given her two marks for making ‘blasphemous' comments on her lab reports. When she earns a third mark the same week, it means an automatic trip to the headmaster's office.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • A Warm Welcome

    A Warm Welcome

    story by Watcher

    Amanda arrives at her friend Rebecca Garner's home for a visit, but she is early and Rebecca is away. As the guest room isn't ready, Amanda sleeps in Rebecca's room the first night. She is fascinated by a leather strap that hangs on Rebecca's door. When Mrs Garner sees her experimenting with it, she gives Amanda a sample of Rebecca's disciplinary routine.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • The Girlfriend Wager

    The Girlfriend Wager

    story by Crimson Kid

    Spanking may initiate many kinds of life changes and this tale recollects the foundation of a long-term relationship. Randy's cousin plants the seed with a trip to the woodshed after learning of a "gentleman's wager."

    Validated by Dave
  • Marianne's Birthday - Part 1

    Marianne's Birthday - Part 1

    story by Geoffrey Stirling

    Marianne has a close relationship with her godfather, George, and visits him often. He had begun to discipline her some years ago, and now also spanks her every year on her birthday. Today is her thirty-ninth birthday, and George has made preparations for a special celebration.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 7

    Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 7

    serial by Fiona Blue

    As Carl entertains guests, Kate fights a losing battle with jealously. Her days-brewing breakdown finally draws Carl's attention, but not as she had imagined. He enlists Gerard to discipline her, and looks on.

    Validated by Dave
  • Cane And Confidence - Part 3

    Cane And Confidence - Part 3

    serial by Patxi

    Stephen is visiting privately with Miss Julia, his French mistress, and has just received a slippering from her. After conversation over tea, she brings out the cane, and delivers the promised punishment.

    Validated by jefesse
  • The Scarlet Avenger

    The Scarlet Avenger

    story by DJ Black

    Amy wants to follow the family tradition as a superhero, despite being forbidden to do so. She sneaks out as the 'Scarlet Avenger' one evening, but can't hide her ripped costume or bullet graze. John soon makes sure her bottom is scarlet as well.

    Validated by Janine
  • A Spanking On Main Street

    A Spanking On Main Street

    story by DJ Black

    It is wartime, and when Brad says he might join the army, girlfriend Kathy is scornful and rude. When he threatens to spank her, she continues to taunt him until he follows through. A public, bare-bottom spanking is in order for Amy.

    Validated by Janine
  • Belief


    story by Lawrence Kinden

    The narrator is babysitting her bratty niece, but her older sister has forbidden her to spank. When the girl continues her bratty behavior, however, she spanks her niece and sends her to bed. Will her big sister spank her too for disobeying the rules?

    Validated by Janine
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