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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
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Latest Acquisitions
  • Military Strictness - Part 1

    Military Strictness - Part 1

    serial by Patxi

    Anika is invited to a garden party at her friend and co-worker, Penny's house and walks in to witness Penny being spanked by her husband, Alistair. Anika muses upon what it might be like were she to be subject to corporal punishment in a similar manner.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • Fifty Thousand Years Of History

    Fifty Thousand Years Of History

    story by Neil

    Linda, upon leaving school and after some mischievous machinations over the summer holiday, finds her last day of fifth-form and her first day of sixth-form bookended by a caning from the headmistress. Then the hit parade literally cascades from there.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • Anna's Nasty Babysitter

    Anna's Nasty Babysitter

    story by BashfulBob

    When Anna's mother goes out for the evening her babysitter Marcie comes to the house to watch her. When this is the case Anna is always painfully reminded of the old adage that you're never too old for a spanking!

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • Do The Right Thing

    Do The Right Thing

    story by Islandcarol

    Josh refused to move his precious Corvette to allow Lily's car out so Lily ordered pizza for dinners. Lily then found out Josh's mother was coming for a visit and Josh hadn't told her. When she arrived Josh's mother took her hairbrush to his bare bottom in front of Lily.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Dear Miss Manners

    Dear Miss Manners

    story by Smuccatelli

    Elizabeth had been given spanking rights over her younger brother and sisters but when her parents went out one evening her brother Danny refused to go to bed, refused a spanking from her and then swore at her and her sister Lori. When their parents came home, Danny was soundly belted by his father.

    Validated by dundee47
  • To Be Or Not To Be... Paddled?

    To Be Or Not To Be... Paddled?

    story by Goodgulf

    Lori and been caught with cigarettes and was sent to the assistant Principal. He suggested a detention but Lori insisted on a paddling as it would allow her to go to the dance that evening but once she had been paddled she didn't feel like going to the dance.

    Validated by dundee47
  • The Stalking

    The Stalking

    story by barretthunter

    Firas noticed the policewoman with the huge bottom as he walked down the street. Hypnotised by its swaying, Firas followed her until he came to the market where his girl friend Fahada worked and then went to the car park for a chat.

    Validated by dundee47
  • Choices Teenagers Make

    Choices Teenagers Make

    story by Canadian Spankee

    Fifteen-year-old Tommy and Aunt Elsie had a deal. He could go to computer camp only if all his chores were done. He hoped his aunt would understand when he went to camp anyway after he got busy and ran out of time.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Her Master's Eyes

    Her Master's Eyes

    story by kyle1248

    After fantasizing about being spanked for years, she hires a man to punish her – an ordinary man with extraordinary eyes that seem to see into her soul. Throughout the session, during which she becomes increasingly aroused, he gives her a choice between two implements.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • The Lost Boy

    The Lost Boy

    story by flopsybunny

    Haunted by an incident from his past, Peter goes to see psychologist, Dr Sylvia Jennings, who helps him. When their professional relationship has ended, they start a new and much more intimate one, where Peter receives further 'therapy' at the hands of the sexy Sylvia. He is treated like a naughty boy and experiences his first ever bare bottom spanking - and he loves it!

    Validated by flopsybunny
  • Choosing To Trade

    Choosing To Trade

    story by SouthernLady

    If a boy accepts an offer to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance, he must agree to seven swats from his date's paddle. A group of girlfriends decide it's time for payback for Bart, so they each ask him out, knowing he will "trade up" and keep receiving paddlings each time he does.

    Validated by Janine
  • God Knows

    God Knows

    story by Smeple

    Disgraced journalist Brain Williamson hopes to make a comeback when he lands an exclusive interview with God. The "Big Man" shares his experience and wisdom on a range of topics, including the Garden of Eden, Noah, religion, celebrities and politicians. But Brain's poor choices - before, during and after the interview - lead to some painful consequences for him.

    Validated by Janine
  • Bad Choice Or Good Choice?

    Bad Choice Or Good Choice?

    story by Canadian Spankee

    Larry gets caught streaking in front of the girls' baseball team, trying to get their catcher, Wanda, to notice him. Rather than press charges, the girls' coach suggests that three team members paddle, belt, and spank him instead. Although Larry isn't looking forward to being punished, he is looking forward to being over Wanda's knee.

    Validated by Janine
  • Rose Mary And Jasmine Tea

    Rose Mary And Jasmine Tea

    story by ReginaVictory

    While sharing some tea, Amy's new flatmate Rosemary recounts her childhood and teen experiences with corporal punishment. Amy is shocked and enthralled by the stories.

    Validated by Janine
  • The Panty Choice

    The Panty Choice

    story by GuySpencer

    Sandy, facing the prospect of a spanking at school in the afternoon, is debating which of her multiple pairs of panties she should wear in hopes of catching the eye, and possibly heart, of her school's dreamy disciplinarian.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • Caught And Spanked

    Caught And Spanked

    story by Flatfish

    Stephanie, having landed her dream job at a prestigious company, is lured into committing an act of corporate espionage that puts her job in serious jeopardy. The consequences of her actions are not at all what she had expected them to be.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • Runaway


    story by Spanking Theatre

    Seemingly random choices along the road lead to a house with evidence of previously punished visitors. Once there, the traveler is confronted by a Governess who presents the most important choice of all.

    Validated by Dave
  • Amy Harper Has Been Spanked

    Amy Harper Has Been Spanked

    story by Alef

    ‘Little Miss Perfect' Amy Harper gives in to peer pressure and steals a bottle of wine from her father's basement for a party. Even though she feels guilty when her sister is punished for her crime, she doesn't confess. But, parents always seem to have a way of learning the truth...

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Tunnel Of Fear

    Tunnel Of Fear

    story by Cherry Red

    A private college sponsors The Tunnel of Terror at an amusement park to earn money for charity. The plan was to have donated mannequins posed in several spanking scenes along the boat's route. After three flag girls are caught breaking line, a small change is made that causes the ride to become quite popular.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Neighborhood Dispute Adjudication Program

    Neighborhood Dispute Adjudication Program

    story by Rick Marlowe

    It all started with Sami's neighbor Fran calling for her dog early every morning, and ended with an all-out feud. The two women made so many frivolous complaints against each other that the Neighborhood Association has washed their hands of the conflict. Now, the two couples find themselves meeting with the NDAP, where it is obvious to the mediator that harsh measures are the only way to get through to Sami and Fran.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • A Big Mistake

    A Big Mistake

    story by Dave Christopher

    Margaret learns a lesson from her aunt Dot the hard way. Her mom learns a lesson too - that her teenage daughter is not too old for a spanking.

    Validated by Dave
  • Mistress Destiny

    Mistress Destiny

    story by Crimson Kid

    Victor has spent many isolated years in prison, but what if that wasn't meant to be his destiny... When Victor is visited by his cousin Anika, he is told of a fantastical plan to restore his former life, but is he willing to make amends and accept punishment?

    Validated by Janine
  • Granny Steel

    Granny Steel

    story by Jacqueline Scott

    Becky is at her wit's end with her 16-year-old daughter Emma's bad behavior. So when a friend suggests she consult Granny Steel to sort out Emma, Becky decides to meet with the woman for some much-needed help. However, Granny's correction plan involves spanking not only Emma but Becky as well.

    Validated by Janine
  • Brenda's Homecoming

    Brenda's Homecoming

    story by GuySpencer

    Having recently left home to attend college, Brenda Parker finds herself pregnant at the hands of her boyfriend Sam. Her parents agonize over Brenda's decision to have an abortion and, since she is still subject to corporal punishment at home, decree that she will be spanked when she comes home at the end of term for having unprotected sex. Brenda returns with Sam in tow and things get interesting...

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • Capital Punishment

    Capital Punishment

    story by TheEnglishMaster

    Sarah appears on a game show, and her performance exceeds expectations. But in the end a turning point comes due to a lack of attention concerning her husband's home country.

    Validated by Dave
  • A Thrashing For Amy

    A Thrashing For Amy

    story by Alan Barr

    Sarah befriends a girl named Amy who is a questionable influence on her behavior. By way of her interaction with Amy, Sarah commits an act that puts her loyalty to her friend to the test and puts her bottom in jeopardy.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • The Trials Of The Single Parent

    The Trials Of The Single Parent

    story by kyle1248

    Phil discovers that his daughter Debbie and her friend Erica have sneaked out at midnight to meet some boys they met online. After Phil spanks Debbie the next morning, Erica asks for a spanking too. Phil calls Erica's mom to ask permission, but Shirley decides to come over and handle her daughter herself.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Right Now, Young Man!

    Right Now, Young Man!

    story by Rosie Radcliffe

    Michael, after coming home after curfew and quite inebriated, is given an initial belt whipping by his father and informed that he will face additional punishment the following morning. That which ensues, along with the accompanying hangover, has Michael seriously regretting his actions of the night before!

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • The Truth Comes Out

    The Truth Comes Out

    story by mj2001

    Oh what tangled webs they weave, when young girls practice to deceive! Two young girls, Erin and Lexie, are caught by their respective parents having lied about their whereabouts and activities leading to disastrous consequences to their posteriors.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
  • Girl Talk: The Three A's - Part 1

    Girl Talk: The Three A's - Part 1

    serial by Tom Simple

    After one of their number has received a caning from the headmistress, a group of schoolgirls who are gathered in the common room discuss all aspects of corporal punishment ranging from the anticipation to the action and then the aftermath.

    Validated by Spankedjenny
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