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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
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  • The Panty Raid In Space

    The Panty Raid In Space

    story by SouthernLady

    A prediction of a future society following a nuclear war where women who are members of LEDA (Ladies Educating Dumb Arses) administer thrashings. One example is Arthur, who misbehaves on a space lab and receives a severe switching.

    Validated by Dave
  • Dates And Discipline

    Dates And Discipline

    story by Seegee

    Autumn has been speeding in her sporty little jet car and is given the choice of losing her license or visiting a correction centre for a spanking. Autumn has never been spanked before, but the handsome young disciplinarian puts her at ease.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Inevitable


    story by Spanking Theatre

    In the future, Sexcapade offers its wealthy clients every possible fantasy. The narrator experiences pleasure and pain as both spanker and spankee, in various roles and scenes. Her final inevitable encounter is more than she could have ever imagined.

    Validated by Janine
  • Raaji's Love

    Raaji's Love

    story by Mary Bright

    Raajen cares for Marianna with love and concern. Their lives are simple; and he worries she may no longer be able to stay home alone while he is gone to work to support them. When her actions put her safety at risk, he must spank her, despite how much he regrets needing to.

    Validated by Janine
  • Painful Parking

    Painful Parking

    story by Jimisim

    Caroline receives a trumped-up, expensive parking ticket which she tries to fight. After numerous attempts to resolve the matter without going to court, she is offered a solution: a caning of 'six of the best' by David, an employee of the CP Plus collection agency. Caroline and David fancy each other, and Caroline is more than a little curious about what a caning would feel like...

    Validated by Janine
  • Three Generations

    Three Generations

    story by Jacqueline Scott

    Christine is in trouble at home for staying out late at the movies with a boy. Although she is 18, she comes to realize she is not too old to be slippered. The next morning, after deciding her punishment was quite unfair, she goes to see her Gran and ask if she can live with her instead. Her wise Gran tells Christine stories about previous generations of naughty girls in their family and the punishments they faced.

    Validated by Janine
  • Her First Day Of High School

    Her First Day Of High School

    story by JCP

    Sara gets off on the wrong foot in high school, fighting with another girl before her first day is out. Both girls are told to report to the assistant principal's office for a paddling the following day, and for Sara a spanking in school means another at home. Her father gives her a choice to get it over with before her school punishment, or wait until after.

    Validated by Dave
  • Julia Adams' Boarding House

    Julia Adams' Boarding House

    story by Bendover

    Cowboy JD Yates has come into town to handle his uncle's estate. He takes a room at Julia Adams' boarding house while waiting on the probate process. Julia has many rules and a woodshed where she enforces them. Seeing Julia give two separate bare bottom spankings gives JD lots to think about...

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Echoes


    story by EnglishSpanker

    Louise shares a special closeness with her daughter Lisa, intensified by the tragic loss of her husband years ago. When Louise confides to her daughter about her own dealings with corporal punishment, Lisa realizes she wants and needs that experience too, administered by a father figure missing from her life. That is where the very self-assured and astute teacher, Mr. Brierly, fits into their plan...

    Validated by Janine
  • For The Honour Of The School

    For The Honour Of The School

    story by Sir Cambornek

    Sneaking into the neighboring school to make out with the boys, four young women see their playful evening fall apart when April is caught and caned. Miss Crowhurst deals with a demand from the headmaster that he learn the identities and take the others to task, and bristles at the notion that he discipline her girls.

    Validated by Dave
  • Spanked By The Chaperone

    Spanked By The Chaperone

    story by Bendover

    Stacey accompanies the Blake family to their lake house to chaperone 15-year-old David and his girlfriend, Janice, while his parents attend a convention in town. The very first day, David borrows the golf cart to show Janice around. After Stacey receives a tip from David's mom, she goes looking for them and finds them in a compromising position. Luckily, Stacey has thought to bring her hairbrush along.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Springtime


    story by EnglishSpanker

    When Stephen drops by, Sharon's sister tells him that Sharon has been stressed, wound up like a spring. Stephen knows exactly what she needs, and after a bit of coaxing, Sharon agrees.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • The Sink Vergers - Part 3

    The Sink Vergers - Part 3

    serial by barretthunter

    As Asta - post-caning - returns to her work, her interest in and interactions with Roger grow. At the same time, and even after a dream turns to reality as a session over his knee followed by lovemaking, she continues to be mystified as she seeks the truth concerning him.

    Validated by Dave
  • Conspiracy


    story by EnglishSpanker

    After an embarrassing photograph of one of the Vector Matrix Consultancy's officers is published on social media, an investigation is conducted which uncovers a conspiracy. The involved partners are called before the disciplinary committee to learn their fate. Each is given a choice, and each chooses the corporal punishment option.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Never Too Late - Part 15

    Never Too Late - Part 15

    serial by Peter242

    Karen and her friend, Alexis, who is now regularly disciplined, have both been grounded. They want to go out drinking, so each lies to her mother, saying that she will be attending a work function. The mothers are suspicious, and Karen's mother, Geraldine, calls them to return home. She spanks Karen, and, as Alexis's mother is away, 16-year-old Lucy spanks Alexis.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Settlement


    story by EnglishSpanker

    The reunion of Gareth and his 'Smudge', separated for more than six long years, is fueled by her desire to deal with the guilt that dominates her life. She removes his belt and tells him, "You'll know when to stop."

    Validated by Dave
  • Dreams & Flying Machines

    Dreams & Flying Machines

    story by Rick Marlowe

    Kate and Horace fall in love, just before he must head out to war. When Kate insists she will join him in France rather than remain safely at home, he threatens to spank her. Kate is both excited and distraught by that prospect, for she discovers a strange connection between spanking and her premonitions.

    Validated by Janine
  • Jzveti's Caning

    Jzveti's Caning

    story by Neil

    In the Twenty-Second Century, the government regulates corporal punishment. Jzveti, who is regularly caned at school, has earned twelve strokes from her teacher in front of the class. This means another twelve when she arrives home.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Thank You For Your Cooperation...

    Thank You For Your Cooperation...

    story by robbie

    While running late, Ellie Michaels commits several traffic violations. An all-knowing State Traffic Bureau summons her to come in to face punishment for her actions. She learns she will receive fourteen swats of the paddle, and her cooperation is fully expected.

    Validated by Janine
  • A Breath Of Fresh Air

    A Breath Of Fresh Air

    story by Arthur James Blimp

    Miss Evans, the attractive new matron at a boys' boarding school, makes quite an impression upon the students and headmaster. She enjoys wielding power over the weakest boys at the school, and takes it upon herself to cane Roberts, a young boy who has the courage to stand up to her. But what will the headmaster think of her actions?

    Validated by Janine
  • What Was This 'Spanking' Thing?

    What Was This 'Spanking' Thing?

    story by Fulgur

    In the world of the future, spankings are no longer common, so the girl is curious after seeing a reference in a book. Her Guardian explains the concept – the history, reasons, and feelings associated with spanking.

    Validated by FiBlue
  • The Dummy

    The Dummy

    story by Fiona Blue

    This sweet tale features a young man who does not give up on his true love, despite her painful rejection in their teen years. As adults, he speaks to Bessie through an alter-ego, and her instincts tell her that long-lived-with guilt will be exorcised through a sound spanking.

    Validated by Dave
  • Kensington Terrace

    Kensington Terrace

    story by robbie

    Beyond its black door, nothing marks Number Three Kensington Terrace from other properties on the road. But behind the door, two women enroll others in practices of pain and pleasure.

    Validated by Dave
  • Half-Switched


    story by ReginaVictory

    Secretly watching his sister switch a servant girl, Ezekiel remembers an incident when he was punished at her hand when they were both mere children. The next day, when he walks in on his niece, Angelica, pleasuring herself in the library, Ezekiel decides that she must be punished and that, as her uncle and godfather, he will handle it. He strips and ties her and sends for two switches. Emotions run high in both of them, for different reasons, and...

    Validated by FiBlue
  • Mail Order Mary

    Mail Order Mary

    story by flopsybunny

    Mary Ashford is unhappy with her privileged life in England, especially after her parents promise her hand in marriage to the awful Marquess of Stirling. She runs away to America, using the identity and travel papers of a mail order bride. But her situation only worsens until she meets handsome cowboy Nathan Miller, who knows how to handle a stubborn woman like Mary.

    Validated by Janine
  • Interview With An Ascended Being

    Interview With An Ascended Being

    story by Goodgulf

    April Jones is a freshman journalist who is thrilled when given the chance to interview an 'ascended' being. She meets Jeff for the interview and learns that his special powers focus on spanking. April becomes quite distracted by Jeff, eventually succumbing to his 'aura.'

    Validated by Janine
  • A Different Time

    A Different Time

    story by Peter242

    Teens Jackie and Karen time travel to 2184 as part of a school project on punishment through the ages. They witness a public caning, then are brought in for questioning when unable to produce ID's. They both are paddled and caned, then return home to share the news with their mothers.

    Validated by Janine
  • Strange Longings

    Strange Longings

    story by TheEnglishMaster

    William is distraught after learning his little brother is to be caned for the second time within a few days. Without telling Henry, he complies with his girlfriend's plan that she - long driven by the idea of experiencing a caning - will take his place, disguised as a boy.

    Validated by Dave
  • The Boarding House Rules

    The Boarding House Rules

    story by Rollin

    An army veteran moves into a Colorado boarding house in the early 20th century, and as the town's new deputy sheriff is enlisted by Mrs. Weston to enforce house rules. The morning following a major incident, three young adult boarders are told to leave - or take a trip to the woodshed. Emma, knowing she has developed feelings for Nate, confesses her own part in the wrongdoing.

    Validated by Dave
  • The Nutty Professor

    The Nutty Professor

    story by Smuccatelli

    During a school trip to 'Nutty' Professor Brown's workshop, twelve-year-old Tom hears about a spanking machine. Curious, he enlists his friend Huck to go back there and help him break in so they can see it for themselves. After Professor Brown's teenage granddaughter hears the commotion and discovers them, Tom learns much more than he had anticipated about the Professor's invention.

    Validated by FiBlue
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