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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Spanking Library
Spanking Library
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There are 28,134 items in the library   
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The Library is dedicated to the fond memory of Ross of Kilahara (1932 - 2009)

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The Library of Spanking Fiction is brought to you by ...

Head Librarian
Seeks out suitable material for loading and approaches the authors or copyright holders for permission to load their stories. Has final say on what is considered suitable for loading.  Manages the overall process of story validation and assigns the stories to be validated by the team of validaters.  Conceals bottles of whisky about her person and regularly has a snifter when she thinks no-one is looking.  Has been known to consume twice her own body weight in chocolate in under 2 hours.

Assistant Librarian
PinkAngel (Sep 2009 to Nov 2013)  RETIRED 
Along with the Head Librarian, carries out the bulk of the story validating which involves making any corrections to the punctuation and grammar of submissions as and when necessary, writing a short synopsis for each story and assigning various icons to describe content.  Provides feedback on any quality issues and assist in the general administration of the site.  Can often be seen writing graffiti on both the Main and Staff Notice Boards and spends most of her spare time drinking inferior Scottish blend tea.

Linda (Nov 2009 to Mar 2011)  RETIRED 
Linda likes the occasional vat of sherry and is normally placid but has been known to become enraged at the sight of a mis-placed apostrophe and has threatened to hit the authors of same with a bottle of IrnBru.

Technical Support
Library website builder and designer and responsible for ongoing site software and database maintenance.  Pre-formats and converts stories into suitable format for loading.  Seeks out other sites to link back to the library.  Responsible for site backup.  Responds to technical queries and assists with troubleshooting.  Sets up new authors on the site.  Is very rarely seen before 4pm GMT and is likely to be largely incoherent until after 8pm.  When not writing software is actively campaigning for the abolition of Internet Explorer and all things Microsoft.

All those who have assisted in validating the contents of the library are listed at the bottom of the page.
The above have been ably assisted by the following team of validaters whose contribution is gratefully acknowledged (number of validations shown in brackets):

Story validaters
PinkAngel (7110), corncrake (3595), Linda (3509), flopsybunny (2040), dundee47 (1738), Dave (1711), Lincoln (1240), bendover (1025), Janine (1019), Elorac (838), FiBlue (815), cheery (448), potterstoke (418), TheEnglishMaster (347), elliej (321), RosieRad (294), Spankedjenny (274), mobile_carrot (212), canemaster2000 (194), Maeve (194), gypsygirl (166), Lynn66 (154), canadianspankee (137), dan2bend (134), jefesse (103), pierced8x (83), Malahide (69), Februs (66), tamiko (62), LawrenceKinden (60), Phil_K (57), FLN826 (55), Gabbs (53), KJM (52), psummers08 (51), Angerclashes (42), Torres (32), thepreacherswife (27), shrew (25), Kelsey (21), saucysandy (20), Domino (19), sneakywalrus (17), imreadonly2 (14), sarah_thorne (13), Debs (13), ddrysdale (12), badgirlitsme (12), elann (9), SheSpanks (7), aurora (7), jai (7), BooBoo (6), tris (5), angelmischief (4), islandcarol (4), mellabrat (4), beatrice (3), suemary (2), quietone (2), malaika (1), dark_angel (1), JRosemary (1), Double_Trouble (1), Kimbers (1), countrygirl (1), LilyRaye (1), Joyanne (1), rollin (1)

Content icon validaters
jefesse (1032), FLN826 (834), elisa (294), Lochinvar (294), Gabbs (238), bratcat (201), LilyRaye (159), apanhar1 (57), TheEnglishMaster (47)

Sub-genre validaters
FLN826 (1678), turk (1088), cheery (1071), kleestep1959 (314), corncrake (313), fillingham (304), elisa (127), Gabbs (110), Lincoln (101), Chloe (84), Twinklybum (76), elliej (75), dan2bend (59), smartypants (40), Carson (32), jefesse (28), PinkAngel (27), luke16 (22), marcoCane (15), njrick (13), rollin (2), cjtressler (2), Dummy (1), Goodgulf (1)

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