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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Spanking Library
Spanking Library
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The Library is dedicated to the fond memory of Ross of Kilahara (1932 - 2009)

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The following describes the procedures involved in adding documents to the library. For simplicity it refers only to stories, but the same process is followed irrespective of document type, ie. story, serial,poem etc.

acquisition 1. Acquisition
Stories are acquired via a number of different sources but typically they are sent directly to us via email, or copy/pasted from an existing website or blog. Prior to loading, stories are assessed for suitability and permission is secured from the author for their stories to be loaded. We acquire stories in numerous different formats including plain text, Microsoft Word, rich text format, HTML, Open Office and others. We prefer to receive them as plain text files, as ultimately we load all stories to the library in plain text (.txt) format..

pre-formatting 2. Pre-formatting
Prior to loading the stories in plain text format they are pre-formatted. This involves a number of possible operations, including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. converting any non-standard characters such as slanted apostrophes and quotation marks, ellipses, em-dashes etc etc.
  2. ensuring that all paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.
  3. removing any paragraph indentations, extraneous spaces or blank lines.
  4. inserting any divider tags which are required (which appear as a graphical separator when the story is viewed)
  5. removing excessive number of ellipses.
  6. a cursory check on capitalisation.
  7. inserting HTML formatting tags as necessary, e.g. for italic text, bold text, centered text, indented text etc.
  8. ensuring quotation marks have been used where necessary.
  9. breaking up concatenated word structures.
Once the above have been completed the story is saved with a standardised title format.

loading 3. Loading
The stories are then loaded to the library server and entered onto the library database. The information entered includes the following:
  1. the story title (as sorted on)
  2. the story title (as displayed)
  3. the author (and co-author if applicable).
  4. the document type, e.g. story, serial, poem etc.
  5. the word count.
  6. the source of the item.
  7. the actual filename of the item.
Once the above have been completed the story is saved with a standardised title format.

validating 4. Validating
Stories that have been entered into the database are immediately available to be read but have yet to be validated. Ultimately each item loaded is assigned to one of several validaters who then read the story and make any necessary corrections which affect the following:
  1. spelling
  2. grammar and syntax
  3. punctuation and dialogue
We do not undertake substantive editing or rewriting of an author's work (except if a story shows merit and the first language of the author is not English) nor do we attempt to anglicize American English. We will however, undertake detailed editing for sense and check for consistency within each story.

Once any necessary corrections have been made to the text, the validater reloads the text file and then enters the following additional information into the story database:
  1. a short synopsis giving a flavour of the story etc.
  2. which of a number of possible spanking implements were featured in the story.
  3. the spanking orientations featured in the story, e.g. M/F, F/m etc.
  4. information detailing which "content icons" apply to the story, these include the age and gender of the participants in any spanking, whether the story featured any sexual content and also an indication of those stories where no actual spanking takes place.
When all the above information has been entered, the validater marks the story as validated and the process is complete.

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