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Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Library of Spanking Fiction
Spanking Library
Spanking Library
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The Library is dedicated to the fond memory of Ross of Kilahara (1932 - 2009)

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In this worthy repository of spanking fiction you will find stories, poems, serials, letters, limericks, songs and even a play or two ... all related to the noble art of spanking. There are thousands of items available for perusal. Note that there is an ongoing program to check all the stories for content and validate them. We are constantly on the lookout for volunteers to help with the validation process, so if you can spare a couple of hours a week to help, please drop us a line. Please also report any errors or spelling mistakes in the documents using the Contact Us facility

Whilst we oppose the real life spanking of children, many spankophiles find the fictional account of such events of interest, and a number of the stories and poems do feature childhood spankings. If you are likely to be offended by such material then we strongly recommend you don't read it. Also a number of the stories contain explicit adult sexual material and these too should be avoided if likely to cause offence.

We make every effort to determine the actual authors of spanking stories and contact them. If you are the author of any of the stories or articles within the library and do not wish to have them on our site please get in touch using the Contact Us facility detailing the title of the items and we will remove them immediately.

Please note the copyright of all stories in the library resides with their respective authors unless stated otherwise.

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And finally ... It would be greatly appreciated if you would show your appreciation of this free resource by making comments on the stories you have enjoyed reading. Site members who have viewed over 50 items but never commented, or who have commented at a rate less than once every 500 items viewed, will have a daily limit set in regards to the number of items they can view in any 24 hour period. The limit set will vary depending on how many total items have been viewed to date. 'Limited' members will also not be able to use the search, latest loaded, browse, lucky dip, last read, last commented, latest validated, audio and jukebox features. Note:

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