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Role reversal

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#1 | Posted: 6 Jan 2013 09:36
looking for stories were the tables are turned siblings punishing parents, students and teachers, employees and their employers, would be very grateful

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#2 | Posted: 6 Jan 2013 17:58
You might take a look at Part 10 of my Southern Exposure series. It's entitled "Role Reversal". It deals with the case of a teenage boy spanking a young women by whom he is employed to do part time work. This young woman is also a high school teacher though not actually his teacher.

Hope this helps,


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#3 | Posted: 7 Jan 2013 16:08
You might take a look at my stories, there is usually some element of role reversal in them.

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#4 | Posted: 7 Jan 2013 18:52
My story Under The Umbrella Of Friendship is one of my Janine stories. There is a role reversal in this one that may suit your reading needs. Maybe the LSF (in the future) could start a role reversal category. I kind of like those stories myself. I should write a few more.

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#5 | Posted: 7 Jan 2013 22:16
There was a writer called Brad (I can't recall the full name) who wrote an entire series around a family where the traditional roles were reversed and at a certain age (it may have been 15) corporal punishment privileges were given by the parents to their offspring. It was quite enjoyable.

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#6 | Posted: 8 Jan 2013 02:39
You might like to check out my story, Benificary, where a young Lady's property must Discipline their Lady.

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#7 | Posted: 8 Jan 2013 07:36

I hope I'm not violating protocol by posting a link to stories not in the library. That group is the biggest archive of RR stories I know about. Hundreds at least, including several serials. I've posted at least 20 or so myself and there are some really good writers there.

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#8 | Posted: 9 Jan 2013 06:59
I second Patron's endorsement of the role reversals Google group. Posting sometimes goes through slack periods, but the group has accumulated an amazing number of very interesting stories, considering how small and specialized it is. Patron is one of the best contributors, and the writer Seegee refers to, Bratdad, has tons of series on the site based on variations of the concept, though he rarely takes them to what you could call an ending. Be warned that the group's stories often involve minors taking control of parents and other adults. Explicit sex is avoided.

And if you're out there, Fatherjim, please come back. Your contributions to the group were always among the best.

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#9 | Posted: 11 Jan 2013 08:06
I've written tons of mistaken identity / regression stories, where the powerful become weak, but the one true reversal story I wrote was called SWITCH. Hope you like it!

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#10 | Posted: 11 Jan 2013 08:59
Seegee's observation nearly starts off with the first line of a role-reversal limerick:

There once was a writer called Brad
Who one day observed to his Dad:
"It's my turn with Mum
To belabour her bum
Next time she admits she's been bad."

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